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Liberty N Justice

Soundtrack of a Soul

Liberty N Justice Homepage

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Category: Hard Rock
Year: 2006
Label: LNJ Records
Catalog Number: LNJ 2693
Rating: 8.64 out of 10. (7 ratings)

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Mike Layne guitar bass
Troy Thompson guitar
Jamie Rowe guitar vocals
Tommy Denander guitar, keyboards
Scott Heberer guitar
Tobor Torontali guitar
Dave Tsien guitar
Sayit guitar
Mike Maino guitar
Stephen Deacutis guitar
Drive guitar
Aurelien Barbolosi guitar
Mark Slaughter guitar, vocals
Justin Murr bass
Ez Gomer bass, vocals
Tim Gaines bass
Steve Curtsinger bass
Tim Bushong bass, drums
Mark Arbour bass
Ed Avila bass
John Jd Deservio bass
Micha bass
Mikkey Dee drums
Michael Loy drums
Roger Banks drums
John Hummel drums
Shawn Szoke drums
Michael Ulvsgaard drums
Shannon Woulfe drums
Bryan West drums
Dave Anthony drums
Gary Horrie drums
Charlie Calv keyboards
Sebastian Bach vocals
Russell Arcara vocals
Dale Thompson vocals
Troy Thompson vocals
Oni Logan vocals
Leif Garrett vocals
Josh Kramer vocals
Scott Wenzel vocals
Tony Harnel vocals
Pete Loran vocals
Stephen Pearcy vocals
Joe Cerisano vocals
Ted Poley vocals
Phil Naro vocals
Mike Lee vocals
1.  Intro  
2.  Kings of Hollywood Ez Gomer of Jet Circus  
3.  Another Nail Sebastian Bach  
4.  State of Grace Russell Arcara of Surgin/Prophet/Arcara  
5.  Malice in Wonderland Jamie Rowe of Guardian  
6.  Grenade Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride  
7.  Show Me the Way Oni Logan of Lynch Mob  
8.  Sight Unseen Leif Garrett  
9.  Up That Hill Josh Kramer of Saint  
10.  Surreal Scott Wenzel of White Cross  
11.  Flinch Tony Harnell of TNT/Starbreaker  
12.  Thy Will Be Done Mark Slaughter, Pete Loran of Trixter  
13.  Killer Grin Stephen Pearcy of Ratt  
14.  If the World Could Be Mine Joe Cerisano of Silver Condor/Trans-Siberian Orchestra  
15.  Always Tomorrow Ted Poley of Danger Danger  
16.  Hope & Pray/Ballad of King David Phil Naro of Talas/Peter Criss Band  
17.  Make Believe Mike Lee of Barren Cross  
18.  Outro  

Existing comments about this CD

From: kethdredd   ( Date: June 12, 2006 at 19:36
An all star lineup and a pretty good disc. Production is top notch and the songs are well written. Highlights for me are Sight Unseen with Leif Garrett and Thy Will Be Done with Mark Slaughter and Pete Loran.
From: ultmetal   (---.) Date: July 19, 2006 at 14:31
Remove the rap crap and this would be a 100olid, melodic, hard rock album. As it stands, 850f the album is quite good. Leif Garrett's contribution was quite the surprise. He has a great voice and the song works well for him.
From: Staybrite   ( Date: September 23, 2006 at 0:17
Fantastic stuff. As said the Lief Garrett track is surprisingly good. 'If the World Could be Me Mine' is one of my favorites from this disc. Um Ult, there isn't any rap on this album. Think you might be confusing it with the 'Welcome to the Revolution' album.
From: Fat Freddy   ( Date: January 12, 2007 at 13:20
A decent, but not mindblowing, CD. To my surprise my favorite track is the duet between Mark Slaughter and Pete Loran of Trixter...because I NEVER liked either of their bands back in the day and if you'd told me fifteen years ago 'Someday these guys are gonna do a track on a Christian rock CD that's gonna blow you away,' I would've told you that you were nuts! The tracks sung by Sebastian Bach and Stephen Pearcy aren't bad either, but this CD needed a few less ballads and more rockers.

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