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Behind Enemy Lines

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Category: Glam Metal
Year: 1990
Label: Intense
Catalog Number: CD09201
Rating: 8.43 out of 10. (67 ratings)

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John Christianson drums
Mike Grato bass
George Ochoa lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitars
Vett Roberts lead vocals
Eddie Starline rhythm guitars
1.  In the Beginning  
2.  Lost Soldier  
3.  Ancient of Days  
4.  Choose this Day  
5.  Dreams  
6.  Take Us Away  
7.  Holy is the Lord  
8.  Alive!  
9.  Eternal Destiny  
10.  Behind Enemy Lines  

Existing comments about this CD

From: sirthrashalot   (IP unknown) Date: May 2, 2001 at 7:44
The heavier queensryche of christian metal with goerge ochoa of deliverance leading the way.awesome cd, find it, and grab it!!!!
From: JUAN   (IP unknown) Date: May 15, 2001 at 11:51
From: herb   (IP unknown) Date: May 31, 2001 at 18:54
8.66 this disc is a 10.66 bought it at release still my fav rock disc in my collection it radiates hard rock at its finest wish they had made 5 more disks thanks for the memories
From: Logan-Five   (IP unknown) Date: September 1, 2001 at 3:32
Any Queensryche fan would love this album. Lead singer sounds exactly like Geoff Tate. One of the best Christian metal albums.
From: Pastor Larry   (IP unknown) Date: November 10, 2001 at 9:57
If there was ever a 'Heavy Metal Praise and Worship' compilation, these guys would star. 'ANcient of Days' pure adoration of God, 'Holy is the Lord', I used this track in a worship meeting at our church,'Alive' rowdy gospel presentation,'Eternal Destiny' the invitation to live 4ever in heaven or in Hell. This album is one of the great achievements of the 80's Christian Metal Renaissance.
From: MetalGeek   (IP unknown) Date: December 22, 2001 at 12:16
I just got the re-issued version of this one on Magdalene Records, with a bunch of bonus tracks. I missed it during its original release but have always wanted to hear it because of its legendary reputation. I was NOT disappointed! I love Queensryche, and these guys' sound is very close to classic QR. 'Dreams' should've been a major hit!
From: Cephas   (IP unknown) Date: February 9, 2002 at 10:33
Ever buy a CD everyone says shreds; and, after listening ask, 'Yeah, so?' That's RECON. Nothin' special. An afterthought. G. Ochoa admits in the liners he had his eye on another band. But, the songs were written already. So, might as well burn the CD. Recon a' la Ochoa is committed to long, guitar-driven songs -- which is nice once in a while. Not every song! Vett Roberts is good, though his voice gets away from him now & then. All in all, Recon is -- well -- kind of boring.
From: roland rocks   (IP unknown) Date: February 28, 2002 at 5:13
chalk one up for this band... heavenly metal!!
From: suki   (IP unknown) Date: March 19, 2002 at 23:47
Hey...we're excited about the new CD... Loved you guys at Cornerstone!! P.S. The Bass Player is a Hottie!! The Entertainer!!
From: Tom   (IP unknown) Date: March 26, 2002 at 2:01
This CD is terrific. The guitars are fast and heavy. Vett Roberts is a great vocalist. Sorry Cephas, I disagree with you on that one. I found Recon to be a great band. Highlights for me are Dreams, Take Me Away, and Alive.
From: Cephas   (IP unknown) Date: April 22, 2002 at 12:36
Vett Roberts' voice indeed warbles when he tries to hit some of the higher notes; it gets away from him. Sadly, when he performed live at Cornerstone with a reunited Recon, it was clear his pipes were shot. Sorry to disagree, but my ears don't lie.
From: MetalGeek   (IP unknown) Date: August 13, 2002 at 8:52
Recon have a new singer (I guess you were right Cephas, Vett's pipes were shot!) and are working on a new CD called CHOSEN FEW. Check out their site:
From: russell   (IP unknown) Date: August 18, 2002 at 7:06
these guys can rock'it's' too bad'radio here in roanoke doesn't play good music like this!Radio always plays sappy 'stuff'it's 'really ashame'
From: Sergio   (IP unknown) Date: November 26, 2002 at 9:29
You can feel the presence of the Lord on this CD. IN my opinion Recon is the best band I ever heard.
From: Luis Omar Falco   (IP unknown) Date: January 29, 2003 at 15:37
Esta banda ha sido como una de las primeras experiencia metalera en los 7 años del camino cristiano..puedo decir que esta banda es muy brutal hiper-demasiado buena su furor de heavy metal es mas progresivo de una antigua banda llamada 'Fates Warning' pero con la fuerza de Espiritu de nuestro Dios YHWH,que me hace sentir mas fuerte en el camino de esta vida...que asi sea una vez mas que esta banda retorne otra vez para seguir cautivando a tantos rockers del mundo para el 'Reino de la Real Monarca
From: Scott   (IP unknown) Date: February 7, 2003 at 14:12
Recon play a brand of metal that is very melodic yet retains it's heavy feel. Lots of galloping, tons of crunch, and a hook in every song. Vett Roberts seems to have studied at the Geoff Tate school of metal singing. Unfortunately, this would be the only disc by this band as founder George Ochoa would leave to join Deliverance. A few years later Mike Grato and John Christianson would also join Deliverance. Jimmy Brown co-wrote Behind Enemy Lines, sang background vocals & played lead on Alive.
From: Scott   (IP unknown) Date: February 7, 2003 at 14:15
From: drewman202   (IP unknown) Date: March 10, 2003 at 6:39
Definitely right about the Geoff Tate-ish vocals. Good mostly, but can get away from him on the really high end. Great sounding guitars and great songs. Can't say how many times I've listened to the title track (which incidentally Jimmy Brown co-wrote before getting George Ochoa to join Deliverance, hence the speed metal sound)! Great stuff!
From: Will Gragido   (IP unknown) Date: March 10, 2003 at 16:51
I liked the album when I bought in '90. I still think that were quite good. George is a great player with great chops. Vett's vocals reminded of King Diamond more so than Geoff Tate but that's a personal thing. Anyway, this is a great album to own as it's a definitive part of Christian Metal History. Peace, Will
From: bighairbrewster   (IP unknown) Date: January 31, 2004 at 23:27
Like I said with Messiah Prophets Master of the Metal, only thing I can say about the Recon album is....MASTERPIECE!
From: Doug   (IP unknown) Date: August 22, 2004 at 11:49
The California Metal II has 2 Rare Recon Excellent Tunes on it called Light the Fire & Dreams . Anyone Interested email me at ..
From: Scott   (---.) Date: December 6, 2004 at 8:42
Both the California Metal tracks were released on the Magdalen Records re-issue of Behind Enemy Lines. I always thought the song 'Light The Fire' from that compilation was one of the band's best songs. I was already a fan before Behind Enemy Lines came out and was disappointed that Light the Fire didn't make it onto the album.
From: Ty   ( Date: March 23, 2006 at 12:48
The first CD I ever got. Melodic power metal, with some progressive and speed metal thrown in. A great evangelistic message, belted out by Vett Roberts incredible, soaring pipes! A powerful debut, and one that brings back good memories!
From: Leatherwolf   ( Date: July 18, 2006 at 12:56
Just wanted to know if you no where to purchase the Recon cd?I am an old metalhead from the 80's and recently have been getting into christian metal. My buddy sent me live at Cornerstone 2001 cd, I heard a couple of Recon songs and just love the sound!! Have searched the internet for them but seems very difficult to locate there other cd? Anyway thanks for your time and God Bless..Lance
From: Dan   ( Date: January 6, 2007 at 1:02
Hey Lance! You can find this cd at along with a ton of other hard to find Christian rock/metal. By far the best place to shop for this kind of music. Great service too!
From: keiko   ( Date: May 19, 2008 at 18:19
i love them!!
From: mario pinto   (---.) Date: January 14, 2009 at 23:32
buen disco de lo mejor de ellos ¡¡¡
From: Bruce   ( Date: March 14, 2010 at 0:52
I've had this album for nearly 20 years, and it's still one of my Christian rock favorites out of over 400 albums. Very consistent, totally rocking, very good vocals (never noticed Vett struggling on the higher notes...I'll listen again), and quite simply one of the best Christian metal releases ever. If I had an extra hand, I'd give it three thumbs up!

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