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The Definitive Collection 1985-1989

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Category: Hard Rock
Year: 2002
Label: Millennium Eight Records
Catalog Number: M8D-1130
Rating: 8.33 out of 10. (3 ratings)

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Jimmy Arceneaux lead vocals & guitars
Rick Hunter guitars
Marc Allyn bass
Al Whalen drums
Jason Sousa drums

Tracks 1-11 from "Babylon"
Tracks 12-13 from "California Metal 2" compilation
Tracks 14-20 from "Louder Than Hell"
1.  Babylon  
2.  Louder Than Hell  
3.  Deadly Weapons  
4.  One of a Kind  
5.  Priceless Heart  
6.  Where Have all the Children Gone  
7.  King of the City  
8.  Borderline  
9.  Angel  
10.  First Time  
11.  Promises  
12.  Borderline  
13.  Tears  
14.  Heart of Stone  
15.  Somebody New  
16.  Angel  
17.  King of the City Live  
18.  Glory & Honor Live  
19.  Priceless Heart Live  
20.  Heart of Stone Live  

Existing comments about this CD

From: Soldier Fan   ( Date: July 18, 2012 at 17:29
If there ever was a christian Racer X band then Soldier would be it. The guitars scream shred just like Racer X. All the songs are either good or great. The Definitive Collection combines two demo albums and two tracks recorded for a various album. Each one has different quality but the all the songs rock. Firstly, there is Babylon which opens with the highly energized Louder Than Hell.the track is bold and unashamed rocks hard while being bold about the christian message. Alot like Racer X.
From: Soldier Fan   ( Date: July 18, 2012 at 17:36
Alot like Racer X speed and shred is whats its all about. The next couple of tracks provide the same vibe but slightly slower. Each has its unique twist and bold message. One Of A Kind descibes our relationship like a romantic relationship that never changes. To me One Of Kind was the first story driven song that lyricaly caught my attention. The next one was Where Have All The Children Gone. The song opens acousticaly much like Babylon did and doesnt take long to blow you away.
From: Soldier Fan   ( Date: July 18, 2012 at 17:44
Its message about the importance of life quite beautifully portrays a woman hurt over the loss of her child and the void in the school yard that should be full but is not. The solo is slow classical and unique to the album. Next comes King Of The City which like Priceless Heart appeals to a grunge audiance abit more. Many consider King Of The City to be Soldiers best song. I love it but it is closer to my 8th or 9th favorite song. Then comes Angel which is a ballad and is about a romantic woman.
From: Soldier Fan   ( Date: July 18, 2012 at 17:53
Borderline speeds things back up and gives the album a Racer X feel again. Its my favorite Soldier tune. The guitars are loud the bass and drum are thomping and the chorus is catchy as anything. If you like Paul Gilbert give Borderline a chance. A couple of other tracks contine the album and ends Babylon on an awesome note. The comes the redone Borderline and Tears. These two tracks are incredible. Borderline never sounded better and Tears is the easiest song to sing to on the entire album.
From: Soldier Fan   ( Date: July 18, 2012 at 18:00
Following Tears comes the one of the fastest guitar songs that ive ever heard. If anyone relaeses a youtube video showing me how to play Heart Of Stone ill buy them a $15 Itunes card, i mean it. The song is a pure shred tune that i honestly believe Paul Gilbert would enjoy playing live. Then comes Somebody New which is another fan fav and like Tears is so easy to sing to. And then comes a redone Angel which its sweeter than its original.
From: Soldier Fan   ( Date: July 18, 2012 at 18:04
The live tracks are a great bonus and worth the asking price alone. Glory And Honor was never studio recorded so its a cool bonus. Heart Of Stone live is another sweet live track and Rick Hunters 2 minute lead solo is awesome! Bottom line Soldier is a band that shoulve been signed and this cd shows the pur talent of a band that should have been the next Stryper.

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