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By God

Disciple Homepage

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Category: Nu Metal
Year: 2000
Label: Rugged Records
Catalog Number: 7 91872 00032 7
Rating: 8.81 out of 10. (94 ratings)

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Brad Noah guitars
Kevin Young vocals, bass
Tim Barrett drums

Second disc is meant to be given away, to aid in ministry.
Disc 1
1.  By God  3:48
2.  Not Rock Stars  3:38
3.  God of Elijah  3:10
4.  Knocked Down  3:21
5.  Blow the House Down  4:03
6.  Coal  3:26
7.  Canīt Breathe  4:44
8.  Salt Lamp  3:23
9.  You Are Here  4:14
10.  Thousand Things  6:03
11.  99  2:39
12.  laughing  0:20
13.  Whiny Britches  3:18
14.  You Rock My Socks Off  3:08
15.  talking  0:15
16.  Hate Your Guts  3:40
17.  Whether They Like It or Not  4:22
18.  Not Since Breakfast  3:13
19.  Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired  4:01
20.  But Wait Thereīs More  3:36
21.  Rich Man  4:05
22.  sermon  4:10
Total Running Time:  76:37
Disc 2
1.  By God  3:50
2.  Not Rock Stars  3:39
3.  Rich Man  4:01
4.  sermon  4:10
Total Running Time:  15:40

Existing comments about this CD

From: eric jackson   (IP unknown) Date: August 30, 2002 at 16:00
this is a really awesome band to jam, if you like bands such as six feet deep & Zao then youll probably like this stuff.
From: corey   (IP unknown) Date: October 29, 2002 at 9:34
Iam not a big metal fan but i love Disciple. they are one of the few real! christian rock bands
From: Brian   (IP unknown) Date: May 23, 2003 at 2:24
Disciple was my very first christian concert! They rocked! If anyone ever gets a chance to go hear them, GO! I saw them at The Scarlet Cord in Pennsylvania. God Bless.
From: eric   (IP unknown) Date: January 6, 2004 at 23:01
by far the best christian metal band out there. not only do they jam, but by far one of the few bands out there who practice what Christ has taught. and that is very important!!!!!!
From: Scott   (IP unknown) Date: January 7, 2004 at 13:28
ergergerg, a description of yourself perhaps? Anyhow, this is a good CD with several excellent songs, but in general it's WAYYYY to long. To many songs sound the same. If they would have just chosen the best songs and deleted about half the songs, it would have made for a much more dynamic release IMO. Still, a respectable release by a more than respectable band.
From: bighairbrewster   (IP unknown) Date: March 4, 2004 at 15:16
I agree Scott, but still an EXCELLENT album none the less. This album they were starting to finally become truly great. 'Back Again' thier newest one smokes this one though.
From: Chris   (IP unknown) Date: April 26, 2004 at 21:23
This truly Blessed Me When My Wife Gave This CD To Me On Christmas. I have Not Stopped Listening To It Ever Since. I Just Wanna Thank My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ For Working In The Band (Disciple)Speaking To There Hearts And Bringing The Word Of God Into Peoples Lives Thru Music. Thanks Disciple, You Guys Are Truly Blessed.
From: preach   ( Date: November 11, 2004 at 15:09
Get Real yall this is probably one of the best Christian Metal CDs of all time...go to a live show and you will be a fan for life...
From: Candace   ( Date: February 4, 2005 at 12:46
This is the best Christian rock band of all time! They don't hit around the subject and you don't have to research to find out if they're 'really' a christian band... this album is the first album I heard from these guys and it got me hooked! Back Again rocks too!
From: Cool one   ( Date: November 26, 2005 at 18:07
I don't agree with Scott. The more songs by this rocking band, the better. I haven't found a more rocking christian rock band yet, even though I've only heard 3 of their cd's. They're even better than most of the non-christian bands. Also, the most important thing, they are one of the most annointed bands ever! The fact that they rock more than most bands is a huge bonus and blessing from God. I'd love it if they had 50 songs per album.
From: gadomody   ( Date: July 10, 2006 at 23:38
Awesome lyrics on this one. GOD of Elijah, what a song? Wow. These boys do rock your socks off. I have a hard time picking between this and back again as my favorite. They are both so awesome.
From: stryper-fan   ( Date: April 6, 2007 at 23:16
I agree: Awesome lyrics! These guys will rock your socks off. A great CD by the greatest Christian metal band of today. I have a soft side for ballads. Everyone who lives and breathes should hear the song 'Thousand Things'.

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